Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Newsletter Has A Name!

Congratulations to Patti's Paw Prints. She left the name "EbearZ Repeating" in our comments section for the name the newsletter contest. We think this is a great name as it embodies the spirit of the newsletter, while still allowing us to focus on a wide variety of arts and crafts. 

Patti's Paw Prints wins one free workshop of their choice.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's been a busy week, beginning with a live show. After all the hustle of setup and tear down, unpacking and re-organizing, I'm thankful to be back in the studio, where the Christmas music is already playing.
Here are the answers to the crossword puzzle previously posted:
1. excelsior
2. joint
3. lead
4. bear
5. alpaca
6. woven
7. sculpted
8. whip
9. synthetic
10. running
11. setscrew
12. pearl
13. back

1. epoxy
3. label
10. ratchet
14. sweet
15. ladder
16. mohair
17. airbrush
18. crayon
19. hump
20. needle
21. nap
22. sub
23. acrlic
24. felt
25. awl