Tuesday, June 29, 2010

EbearZ Goes to South Africa

For the next 10 days, Nancy will be in Johannesburg South Africa. She'll be teaching several teddy bear workshops as well as a photography workshop at the South African Creative Teddy Bear Awards and Show.

Photos will be posted here, and on the Kran-Beary's News Blog located at www.ebearz.com/News.

Follow the journey with us!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Basic Bear Making Boot Camp

Summer's here and it's time for gardening, camping hiking, and sitting around the pool.  But what about teddy bear making?  This is a GREAT time to hone and sharpen your skills. A well crafted basic bear is the best foundation for your more advanced teddy bear art.

So.. Mark Your Calendar!
From August 1st to the 31st, we're offering a FREE Basic Teddy Bear Making Boot Camp.  Yup...it's free but you must register in order to participate.

  • 12 Video Lessons with Sgt She-Bear
  •  Step by step Drills
  •  Color Photos
  •  Agora Forum
  •  Full Size Pattern
  •  Teddy Parade
More than just a workshop ... you'll refer to these tips over and over again!
  1. Pattern Prep
  2. Nap, Fabric Choices & Cutting
  3. Pinning & Sewing Techniques
  4. Types of Joints and Techniques
  5. Paws & Gussets that FIT!
  6. The Art of Stuffing
  7. Ears Made Easy
  8. The Eyes Have It
  9. Pick Your Nose!
  10. Shades of Enhancement
  11. Grooming
  12. Tying A Beautiful Bow
Sharpen your scissors and we'll see you in the Mess Hall!  Go to www.ebearz.com to register.