Saturday, June 5, 2010

Basic Bear Making Boot Camp

Summer's here and it's time for gardening, camping hiking, and sitting around the pool.  But what about teddy bear making?  This is a GREAT time to hone and sharpen your skills. A well crafted basic bear is the best foundation for your more advanced teddy bear art.

So.. Mark Your Calendar!
From August 1st to the 31st, we're offering a FREE Basic Teddy Bear Making Boot Camp.'s free but you must register in order to participate.

  • 12 Video Lessons with Sgt She-Bear
  •  Step by step Drills
  •  Color Photos
  •  Agora Forum
  •  Full Size Pattern
  •  Teddy Parade
More than just a workshop ... you'll refer to these tips over and over again!
  1. Pattern Prep
  2. Nap, Fabric Choices & Cutting
  3. Pinning & Sewing Techniques
  4. Types of Joints and Techniques
  5. Paws & Gussets that FIT!
  6. The Art of Stuffing
  7. Ears Made Easy
  8. The Eyes Have It
  9. Pick Your Nose!
  10. Shades of Enhancement
  11. Grooming
  12. Tying A Beautiful Bow
Sharpen your scissors and we'll see you in the Mess Hall!  Go to to register.

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