Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beginner Bear: Get The Basics!
Wanted to try bear making but just can't seem to get around to it? Our updated Beginner Bear workshop will teach you all the basic skills you'll need to know to create a beautiful 15 inch teddy bear.  Just in time for Christmas!

The class is full of photos, videos, flash and fun surprises.

And for those of you that already 'speak' teddy... try your hand at our EbearZ crossword. Answers will be posted next week.  Just right click on the puzzle and open it in a new tab or window. Then print it.

1. A type of stuffing commonly used in antique bears.
2. The device used to hold the head, arms and legs onto the body of the bear.
3. A heavy stuffing that is unsafe and should be avoided.
4. Another word for bruin.
5. Llama's wool.
6. A word that refers to the construction of the backing of Schulte mohair.
7. A word that refers to the shape a bear takes when the material is manipulated with a needle and thread.
8. A quick stitch that tacks two layers of fabric together.
9. A man-made fiber.
10. A gathering stitch.
11. A jointing system that requires an Allen key.
12. The type of cotton used for noses and claws.
13. A secure hand-stitch that simulated a machine stitch.

1. A type of glue used in lock-nut joints.
3. A tag often sewn onto the footpad of the bear.
10. A tool used for attaching an arm.
14. The taste of the cookies in segment four.
15. A stitch used for sewing up the openings in the appendages.
16. The wool of the angora goat.
17. A popular tool used to paint a finished bear using an air compressor.
18. An inexpensive alternative for creating a faux airbrushed finish is a pencil ________.
19. A design characteristic in the body of early 20th century bears.
20. A tool for pulling thread.
21. The name given to the direction in which the fur is woven or grown.
22. The waste material commonly used in stuffing teddy bears.
23. A fiber often used in the manufacture of synthetic fur and stuffing.
24. The combination of sizing and fiber that makes up the paw pads of your bear.
25. A tool used for poking holes.

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