Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The EbearZ Newsletter

Hello everyone!  Last night we prepared and sent out the first newsletter with EbearZ Updates since NCTB closed back in February.  I'm happy to report that EbearZ was the primary reason for many of the people signing up to receive the newsletter in the first places, so the response has been warm and appreciative.

Thank you to everyone who has read our newsletter!

Future newsletters will be archived and available on our site to read.

Each newsletter will include a discount coupon, which can be used for a discount on our classes. These will be very limited time offers and will only be accepted if you, take the discount when you pay and mention the coupon in your message (if using Paypal) or if you mention the coupon if paying by Credit Card on the phone.

Of course you'll have to open the newsletter to see the coupon!  LOL.

Finally,  The EbearZ Newsletter is such a boring name.  So, for the month of November, we'll be running a challenge to see who can think of a great name for our little publication.  The winner will be treated to a free workshop of their choice, so put on your thinking caps and comment on this post with your ideas!   Our comments are held in a moderation que, so they won't be immediately available for public viewing.

I can't wait to read your ideas!


Gail Hancock said...

HI Nancy
Here is another name I thought of
The Teddy Tattler

Patti's Paw Prints said...

Hi Nancy,
How about "It Bearz Repeating"

Patti's Paw Prints said...

Another : Ebearz Attention and update on the first idea: Ebearz Repeating

the lady loves bears said...

Hi Nancy

how about "Paw Print" ?